Vickie Roberts Shows Support For Ladies Care Campaigns (Video)

Vickie Robert Foundation Nigeria, is a foundation that caters for the less privileged, orphan, widows, vulnerable children and the disabled in the society.

They are motivated at VRF to partake in this campaign because for many individuals, buying sanitary pads is as easy as buying bread and milk but this is not the case for millions of Adolescent girls in Nigeria. They are at a permanent disadvantage as they are forced to stay at home or date older men for help during their monthly circle which could lead to sexual harassment as they are unable to afford this basic necessity SANITARY PAD.
This campaign and initiative will further reduce forced sex, low self esteem and sexual harassment of a girl child in our society.
Sanitary pads are necessary requirement and not a luxury for girls in order to be comfortable enough to participate fully in their activities of daily Living while on their menstrual Circle. It is expected as a parent and Cooperate Organization such as (Always Nigeria) to increase awareness and sensitization through the donation of this pad to places like schools, Churches and Mosques.

It is however worrisome that 65% of girls cannot afford disposable sanitary pads. (UNESCO, 2014)

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