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Ogun And The Need For Free Education: Otunba Rotimi Paseda Perspectives

I am sure we all agree that the need for free higher education in Ogun is based on two main points:
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One, social justice: increasing higher education access for the poor, especially previously marginalised communities, in the face of increasing tuition fees, and;
Two, growth externalities. So the earlier we redirect our priorities the better for the future.

Comparing us with the UK / US is a misnomer. The socio economic indices are far apart. One option we have Identified and assessed to be a viable option is "dual-track tuition approach whereby our institutions enroll two types of students: highly state-subsidised students selected on a numerus clausus basis for complete tuition free, and a second group of ‘unsubsidised’ 'means tested' students who will pay part or the full market-related tuition.

We have had expert reports on how we can slowly achieve full potential but leadership priority for complete commitment from government is needed.
As the second phase will be to now build on possible and achievable institution internally generated revenues opportunities / self sustaining business modules for diversification into specialised and targeted institution specific cottage industries etc, turning our institutions into a complete edubusiness community within and serving the larger community.

I have been working on achievable systemic plan to achieve this "sustainable edu-commerce chain" since 2015 and we have potential partner institutions willing able and ready to help us develop a sound and sustainable system and at the appropriate time we will unveil.

Ogun must develop her people and her people will develop the state, we must take bolder steps in other directions too, after all some financially worse states are giving it a good go moreover I am convinced it will and totally committed to making it work.

Not possible, not achievable is not an option. What I am looking at is the bigger picture, benefit to our people and the economic multiplier effect of what the saved tuition fee would translate into in terms of family disposable income "economic impact".

We should collectively be putting out thinking and innovative caps on looking at how we can make things work better irrespective of political affiliation and not just join the partisan and dismissal group who because it looks like it will benefit or showcase someone or some group of opposing disposition or the whole idea is seemingly like a Herculean task give up on the very idea.

Free education is here to stay. The youth will get what they so much need and deserve. Pa se da.

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