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Nollywood Actress Declares! “Why I Want To Be Addressed As ‘Mrs. Foluke Daramola Salako”

Popular Nollywood actress and wife of erudite activist who is also the coordinator of Change Agent Of Nigeria Network (CANN), Kayode Salako, has disclosed why she preferred to be addressed as Mrs. Foluke Daramola Salako during the 2017 Vocational Education Day of Mafoluku Grammar School in Lagos recently.

The beautiful wife and mother who was a special guest at the event, why addressing the students said; " Where I am today is about what God wants for me and it is about my choice. I can decide I want to continue to live strictly in the fan fare like a celebrity or movie star people think I am, but my choice has never been to live like that, but somebody's wife; a good mother to my children and a source of inspiration and a role model to students like you.”
“I prefer to be called Mrs. Foluke Daramola Salako, good woman, than to be addressed as just Foluke Daramola, the movie star. I prefer to be somebody's wife and a home and value builder than to just continue to live the mirage and vanity of being a celebrity.”

“I joined the entertainment industry in Nigeria when I was aged 13 and after about 25 years, the best that can happen to me is to live the rest with a life partner.
All my life, I have chosen to be a woman of substance and dignity. I can decide to live it as a peculiar celebrity like some others in my industry, but I know it is just about vagueness and vanity. It is all a ruse and a mirage! I have been there all my life and I know the best way to live as a fulfilled woman is to be in a home to build a good future for myself and my children.”

“So, all along, I have not allowed this celebrity thing to get into my head. That is why I can be where I am today and still be able to sustain it and be contented with it.”
“My dear students, the first attributes you have to learn to be is contentment. Be a person of contentment and continue to live the rest as value based persons. And one day you would be able to attain your purpose in life.”

“Learn to depend on what you can build for yourself from a responsible and hard work efforts than to keep thinking everything will come easily. God has deposited something unique into your destiny, find time to discover it, and it would make you who you deserve to be. Keep asking yourself: What can I do differently which would stand me out without having to go into crime to achieve it?”

“Everything should not be about the money. Everything should not be about materialism, it should be about the value you can build for your life and that person of substance you can be to your generation...."

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