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A Memo To Taiwo Hassan ‘Ogogo’ – Actor Yomi Fabiyi

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has written a comprehensive and incisive memo to one of the finest Yoruba actor, Taiwo Hassan popularly known as Ogogo. Yomi who is known for his activism and vocalism said about Ogogo that; “16 years ago, when I was told I can find actors in Ebute Metta, the 1st person I traced was Taiwo Hassan (Ogogo).”

“I devised an idea to access him, Yinka Quadri and Baba Suwe. I love these 3 to a fault but as a child and what we see on TV, you assume Ogogo is the coolest.”

“I deviced a youth award on my street in Somolu. Ogogo absent, Yinka Quadri sent a rep(Mr Sesan), Baba Suwe came (honestly such an award is of little relevance but for my plan). After, I began to visit Odunfa over and over thinking Ogogo will notice my enthusiasm, he kept avoiding me. Along the line, Bimpe Adekola died, I brought youths from my street, joined the procession from Theatre to Shitta just to impress him, all to no avail. I was there for the 8days Fidau in Kaka's parlour, no way. I began to intensify same efforts with Baba Suwe and one day he paved the way. I stopped going to Odunfa. You can’t serve two masters.”

“By the time fate brought me back to Odunfa Caucus in 04, it was via Yinka Quadri. Later Ogogo explained someone close betrayed him hence he was careful when I was lurking. Since then, Ogogo took up the role of a father, boss, trainer & confidant. He do call me "Somolu Mafia". He loved me to a fault.”

“Ogogo gave me the 1st talking role in "OMO TALAKA". We were in Goddy Anabor's house in Ikeja. I was there with no hope of participation, just to learn. Prior to that time, I had only acted in 2 movies as extras (no dialogue) under Baba Suwe. Ogogo called me, sat me down & said you are acting now. My voice was shaking but his words & believe in me was the KEY MOMENT.”

“Among the top 3 in Odunfa Caucus till date, Ogogo is the only one to have given me a major role in a movie. He also supported 100% and played lead in my movies consecutively (Pajawiri & Mofe). Ogogo will secure paid jobs for me from other producers he has influence. He will make his fans shower me with gift. I would have died in London in 2009, his fan who came visiting in our hotel drove me to safety. I was just hearing Ogogo's voice and panic. Ogogo gave so much for my growth.”

“He made up for the lost ground. I celebrate you Sir T for your role in my career. You are my boss and a hero. Forward ever. Yomi Fabiyi.‎”

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