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“42 Incisive Lessons Life Has Taught Me”: Actress Foluke Daramola’s Husband, Kayode Salako Reminisces On Life @45

Today, April 4, 2017 marks the 45th birthday celebration of Olukayode Salako, celebrated husband of popular Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola, who is equally the National coordinator Change Agents of Nigeria (CANN).

The scholar, activist, socialite, father, friend and husband of the beautiful actress who was the former Chief Executive Officer at Bosworth International College looked back at the journey of his life since 45 years ago and itemizes very thoughtful lessons life has thought him in a very emotional way;

1. The best a man can be in this clime, is to be a man of money, wit and power, not even a man of integrity and dignity any more.
2. Whether you are responsible or not, you can still be a man of the people - You just have the money.
3. You can necessarily come through a family, but your family might not pass through you.
4. Whether you are alive or not, your children can survive without you and live their lives.
5. It is very bad for a man not to have parents, especially the mother.
6. You can always survive on your own, just rely on your destiny, character, conscience, mission, hardwork and God.

7. Life is too short and unreliable than to be living it as if you have control of it.
8. Your siblings can be your best enemies and contenders.
9. That you love a woman and she has kids for you does not mean she cannot dump you.
10. It is better to have the mother than to have just the father alone.
11. You will certainly have more friends, admirers and hailers, only when you have plenty money to waist around them.
12. It is better we avoid owing so that an idiot will not call you an idiot.
13. What will be, will be, if it had been written to be by providence. 
14. It is better to have a physical liabity as a wife than a spiritual liability. That is the most dangerous one.
15. You can be toiling, helping people, including your own siblings and they still hate you.
16. The best way not to make suicide the last option in any circumstance is realistically to be an expressionist or the talking type.
18. The covenant of a man's first marriage in life has a lot to do with his total wellbeing in life. Once he got it wrong with the first woman, like Adam, it might not be easy to come out of it.
19. Journalists and the police could be the nicest people one can have as friends on earth and they could also be the worst.

20. The same people you spend your resources on so that they could be okay, are still the same people who would go behind you to call you a foolish man.
21. Your religion or your faith in God does not guarantee that the worst calamities will not happen to you.
23. The best that should put you in bondage should never be your religion, culture, believes, education or your social status. Your conscience should.
24. The day something dangerous will really happen to you, nobody would see it or be able to avert it, except it won't happen.
25. Highly principled and realistic people don't often have free friends, because they are always misconstrued as being proud.
26. Human beings may not appreciate that good man while alive, until the day of his Christian wake.
29. To be a lucky man; a man of destiny or grace, is far, far better than to be a man of 7 university degrees.
30. The best woman in the world can be your wife, if she is convinced enough that your future, not your material endowments, is good enough to make her the type of a woman she had ever wished for.
31. Conviction, far stronger than love or anything, is the best that can always sustain two peculiar people in marriage.
32. Debt is the worst cancer to every good relationship.
33. Education is the only phenomenon which could make people to be easily governed, but difficult to rule; easy to lead, but difficult to enslave.
34. Many of life failures are those who did not know how to close to they were to success, when they gave up.
33. Love is the greatest of all earthly phenomenon. 
34. It is not how many friends you have that matters, but who they are and what they have to exchange for the friendship.
35. To be a man of power or a man of so much influence and money in Nigeria, just be a crook or that man of questionable character.
36. It is only one life. I might not have the opportunity of coming this way again. So, living it right and with the best of quality fulfillment is my watchword.
37. Who you will be; you will be. Where you will get to, you will get to, except it is not destined to be so.
38. A man's greatest assets should be his brain, character and conscience, and not his skills.
39. It is better to start something and be consistent in it, than to keep building consistency especially in what others are doing.
40. That to be happy in life, you need to be the distributor of good will.
41. To live long in life, you need to be free like a child; eat like a child; sleep like a child; recreate like a child and live and see life like a child.

42. If God has decided to be for you, no one else can be against you and succeed it.

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