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Rent And Die: Behold Ejigbo Lagos House Where 10 Co-tenants Died In 2 Years (Photo)

Many people have moved into the house without proper consultation. Many moved in because of its relatively cheap price but, not less than 10 tenants have died mysteriously in a house in Kajola Street off Dorcas Road, Ejigbo, Lagos suburbs in the last two years.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that other tenants, in the house already named ‘Rent and Die’ by neighbours, have since fled the compound irrespective of their outstanding tenancy.

We learnt that the house’s landlord died two years ago and was buried inside the compound. But, a little while after the burial, the tenants, mysteriously started dying one after another.

Before they realised the import of the mysterious serial deaths, 10 tenants have gone and this instill fear on other tenants who were forced to quickly park out from the house.

It was learnt that apart from the serial deaths, the residents began to suffer economic misfortune as most of the well-to-do tenants left the house almost in penury.

When P.M Express visited the house on Monday January 30, 2017, the house was deserted and the gate was padlocked indicating that no more tenant were left behind.

We learnt that the landlord, simply identified as, Alhaji died at Mushin, Lagos where he lived but was brought to his Ejigbo house for burial.

One of the tenants told P.M.EXPRESS that few weeks after Alhaji’s burial, they began to observe strange things which culminated in tenants dying one after another in the house till 10 of them died and buried.
According to one of the tenants, the first death was noticed when a tenant, an elderly woman lost two sons and were buried.

The death moved to another female tenant who lost her husband and then another male tenant lost his wife. It was gathered that two bachelors died in quick succession. While the tenants were still mourning their deaths, other deaths were recorded in other apartments which prompted the whole tenants to realise that the deaths were no longer natural and decided to pack out of the house.

When our correspondent contacted one of the landlord’s relations, who lived but also parked out of the house, she confirmed that there were strange deaths in the house and all the tenants had to move out at the same period.

She said the serial deaths of those tenants had put the family on the spot subjecting them to a lot snide remarks. She explained that they had to consult both Islamic clerics and pastors for spiritual consultations and to help out in appeasing, if necessary, any spirit behind it.

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