FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe

FirstMonie! Yaba to Yobe
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Toyin Aimakhu's Transformation To Toyin Abraham: 3 Disturbing Questions Over Her Social Media Account Wipe

While the social media frenzy over Toyin Aimakhu’s transformation to Toyin Abraham is still very much hot in the air, the in-your-face actress has taken the drama to another level by pressing a reset button on her instagram history wiping off all her previous posts till date. Amazing!

You see the highlights on her instagram page?As Toyin Abraham she now has only 20 posts. And the questions can’t help but pop up:

1. Is Toyin Aimakhu’s Account hacked?
When the unexpected happens like this, this is usually the case. Recall Tunji Balogun denial of the Tiwa-gate sordid revelations by saying his account was hacked? Barely 24 hours ago, Sony Music had to come out to say a post on their twitter handle announcing Britney Spears’ death shows their account was hacked. Is this the case with Toyin?

2. Is Toyin Under Siege?
Maybe her account was not hacked. Maybe she is under the influence of some people who have hijacked her freewill? Remember a president’s wife coming out recently to say her husband has been hijacked by a cabal, that was no longer in control of his decision-making. Is this the case with Toyin Ai…, , Abraham?

3. Is She Running From Something?
This is even worrisome: is Toyin Abraham, hiding or running from something in her past that can hurt her soon? Why delete all the memories captured for her over 1 million fans? Just like that? Is her explanation that dropping the ‘Aimakhu’ name was because of ‘bad luck’ really tenable?
Of course, Toyin has a right to her own privacy.

Source: Celeb Police          

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