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8 Unpleasant, Untold Facts About Chidinma Lesbianism Scandal

Episodes of lesbian sex tape of Queen and winner of the Miss Anambra 2015 competition, Chidinma Okeke, now known as ‘Cucumber Queen’ from Orumba North Area of  Anambra State, left many aghast when it was released some days ago.

When the first ‘episode’ was released, Miss Okeke, vehemently denied it; saying it was photo shopped. Unknown to her that her ‘enemies’ had series of her acrobatics display that was showing her real and close face at hand. Then it became a case of “I will say the truth if provided immunity from my blackmailers”. With the scandal still topping the search lists on Google, brings you 8 of the untold facts about Chidinma’s lesbian scandal;

Her Incoherent Press Release: When her first video came out, Chidinma hurriedly wrote an incoherent press conference to deny her involvement; claiming that it was both photo shopped and the video superimposed. She said; “My attention has been drawn to a concocted photograph/ video being circulated in the social media wherein my face was superimposed on an existing picture of persons engaging amorous conduct through the art of photo shopping. This act is perpetrated by hoodlums who are out to blackmail me or tarnish my image and promising career by presenting me in bad light.”
One question an observer would probably ask is; how can ‘hoodlums’ perpetrate such act? It is a known fact that you don’t photoshop a moving object in a video.

The Drug Claims: Watching the video, one could see a lady that looked drugged but, after new facts surfaced that the video is up to 10 episodes, one could imagine how that would have happened. Some of her school mates confirmed that she’s a confirmed lesbian who doesn’t necessarily needed to be drugged before she could perform her acrobatics display. 

ABS MD’s Indictment Still Not Attended To: One of the whistle blowers, Apga Alaigbo, indicted the Managing Director of Anambra Broadcasting Service, ABS, Mr Uche Nworah, aka Nwa Aba, who heads the team of the organizers of the beauty pageant and for days now, Uche is yet to respond and no one has questioned him. Anambra State Police have not even invited anyone in connection with this scandal despite its magnitude. Apart from the fact that the crime is against the constitution of Nigeria and has a penalty of 14 years imprisonment, there has been public outcry and threat to life as well. Alaigbo said the station MD has been reigning supreme as king of fraud over the young and future hope of the state, making them miserable over his lost for personal aggrandizement and personal lust.” Yet, none of these indictments are strong enough for possible questioning or arrest? It’s baffling!

The One Million Girls: One of most critical accusation Alaigbo, (one of the whistle blowers) said was the involvement of Anambra State Government. He said, the State Government cannot deny they weren’t aware that ABS always sent out innocent girls that wanted to enter the beauty pageant into the street in a scam they called “ONE MILLION GIRLS”. This girls according to him would be giving 10 forms to be sold at N100,000 each, then the mission is for each to sell 10 sponsorship forms at N100 thousand, meaning you make N1 million for ABS honcho. That, he said automatically qualified them to contests; that is after they have finished using their private part as breakfast, lunch and dinner. These are the Executive Prostitutes.

Abiola And Kc, The Pimp Masters: We have said most of these girls are in the categories of One Million Girls so, the other unfortunate girls; that is, those who do not have people that can buy the forms from them are placed under Abiola Jinadu, the pageant supervisor, also an allege partner to the Nworah, (that is talking about when he wants to do a female lady and KC when he wants to do a male), both Abiola and KC are said to be acting like a pimp for him whenever he wants to satisfy his Bisexual urge. Innocent girls who came for Industrial Training (IT) or who entered for the ABS Pageant are said to being used as ‘sex pay off’ for the Anambra State authority and because this people involved supply young girls for sexual satisfaction, they become untouchable.

Where They Rented For The Shooting: Findings showed that the location for the shooting of ‘cucumber sex tape’ was Chioma Hostel in Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka, Unizik Temporary site. Chidinma is a 300level Medical Science Laboratory student in the school. But, a good look at the video showed that there was a good lighting in the room, meaning that studio lights were used to illuminate the place. Then, professional cameras were used; not phones or camcoder, which also means the recording, might have been done with a high powered hand held digital device that can only be obtained by a professional.

Misery Behind Her Dethronement: ABS released the video of her dethronement inside the MD’s office the morning of Tuesday 11th of October. They took her robe, her car and arguably the crown; and by the following day, Wednesday October12, 2016, her cucumber video was leaked. One would wonder why she was dethroned in the first place, when the next beauty pageant is set for December 16, 2016. Or was it that the organizers already knew that such video would be release and therefore hurriedly decided to safe their face? These are still unanswerable questions.

Where Is Chidinma And Adaobi: Chidinma Okeke is said to have been granted asylum in another country after she allegedly paid about N1.8 million before she eloped. Adaobi Nzekwe, her partner who also doubles as her personal assistant and the current Face of Democracy Nigeria, (FDN) South East Queen 2015/2016 is nowhere to be found. Her father was quoted by a section of the media that she is missing, while another platform talked to him and he denied it.

Meanwhile the video series is allegedly more than 10; which invariably mean more might still be coming out anytime soon.

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