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Why Olamide Baddo Paid Homage To Obesere In 'Konkobility' Single

Four years ago, when countless of fans and lovers of Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere, now known as the Vice Chancellor (VC) of Entertainment, rushed at the release of the 'Mr Teacher' album, nobody was disappointed after listening to the lyrical maestro, as the album was well-composed.

However, it appears that the YBNL boss, Olamide Adedeji, popular known as 'Baddo', has a special kind of respect and love for Alhaji Obesere (Pk1st) as he paid him homage in his 'Konkobility' single.

Recall that the VC of Entertainment had teamed up with Olamide Baddo to produce a single entitled 'Ebelesua', which is currently making waves across Nigeria and beyond.

So, when Olamide Baddo, who remains a force to reckon with in the contemporary music world, released hit single, 'Konkobility', many did not really pay much attention to the lyrics, especially the third verse which goes thus: 

"M’oju m’oju m’egbe re t’o n mo l’oju
Omo y’ogo; y’ogo m’egbe re t’o n y’ogo ti
A l’emi ni Papa Tosibe mo m’awon t’emi
Awon t’emi l’on keep on dancing, lowo lowo" 

It means that no matter how obstinate or rude one could be; such person knows his mates. No matter how rugged a person could be; yet he must know who to call to a fight. Then Olamide, the 'mad lyricist', compared himself to 'Papa Tosibe', saying he recognised his people; and his people too recognise him, and they always keep on dancing anytime.

Same lyrics were found in Papa Tosibe's 'Mr Teacher', which he released in 2012. 

'Konkobility' is a blunder usually used to diss someone or describe unseriousness just as he used it in the song: 'Oni' konkobility nimi, konkor; o fi owo re'mi nimu'. He then replied the girl he was trying to woo according to the song that: "Na today I go show you say konkobility nimi gangan', meaning he would show how obstinate he is to get her.

While reacting to the song, Alhaji Obesere, the VC of Entertainment, as he is fondly called now, said apart from the fact that he loved Olamide for his humility and respect, he showed in the song that no lyrics can fade away if they are well-composed.

"I love his kind of person because he is very humble and respectful. It is not because we have worked together but I am just convinced that he is a good guy. I like the song. I think he is just showing me respect like other people. 

"If you have sang a song and people coming after you can't connect with it after many years or use it as a reference point, then it shows it is useless and you have not achieved anything as an artiste,' he said.

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