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Sad: Another Celebrity Couple Kisses Marriage Goodbye After Just 13 Months

Singer cum AOP Tito da Fire’s marriage to Ify, in November 2013 at Ikoyi Registry, Lagos, was kept in utmost secrecy until few pictures surfaced online, but now for all the cautions they took to save it, the marriage has collapsed.
Tito who manages brands under G2M Creatives confirmed that his marriage crumbled after just 13 months due to irreconcilably differences between him and his wife which has forced Ify to relocate abroad with the only child of the union, Ebuka.
In a release he sent, the CEO of Grinding Records, said the marriage which ought to have a happy–ever after tale was filled with loads of issues and misunderstandings.

He said; “Initially I thought she was disposed to entertainment, however overtime I realized she was not, it is one of the major lessons I learnt from my failed marriage. For example I remember that I would record songs at home and she would not make a comment, till I told her hey, I’m going to stop doing this because it seems you don’t like me doing this…And she said oh no, not that, and after then she would say, that song you were working on, the one that has Haruna Ishola’s voice ( because I was working on a remake of his classics), it’s nice, but I packed it all up and won’t talk about it after then because I felt she wasn’t cool with me singing. Sadly, we separated about a year and a month after our marriage.”
“I miss my son a great deal and would love to play the role of an active –on-hand father to my son Ebuka, watch him play and grow.”

After the collapse of his marriage, he has dusted his lyrics diary; hit the studio to record a song, ‘Imagination’, where he featured the late music icon, OJB Jezreel, with the music video already shot. 

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