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New Goldmine! Comedian Ushbebe Begs For Fund To Shot Movie

Comedian Justice Nuagbe, aka Ushebebe is currently ‘begging' for funds to replicate AY’s movie success and this is authoritative.
Ushbebe who has endured a struggling career over some months, a condition which climaxed the cancellation of his Ghana show some months back, is eying the kind of success AY has been recording so far with the release of two monster hit movies back-to-back.
The comedian in an emotional chat with Hiptv Youtube said if he can lay his hand on a big money, he too is ready to produce a movie and thereby, toe the paths of AY.
“If money comes, I will produce a movie; not because AY is producing a film. He is spending so much money to produce movies and if you are spending such money, you want to produce a good film. That is to say you need money to produce such movies. I don’t want to say I’m doing one hurriedly but, I will definitely produce one because I’m a Theatre Arts graduate so, I should be able to do it. Unlike some of our movie star who just wants to produce, you will surely know those who went to school to study it. As for me, this is my field of play; I studied the course in school with the likes of AY, Bovi and some others; we were in the same school and the same department. We are soon coming.” He said.

It could be recalled that aside featuring in the Guinness Book of Records with his historic ‘30 Days In Atlanta movie’, AY’s new movie, ‘A Trip To Jamaica’ has equally been doing very well in cinemas across the country.

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