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KSDT Show Host Left Bemused by a 3-year-old Guest

To know the other side of intelligence is to hear kids speak. The words of their mouths are not just intriguing and full of suspense, but also have the ability to make genius out of the seemingly unintelligent and provoke the thinking of the respected intellectuals.

Tony Okungbowa, host of the family-oriented children TV series, Kids Say the Darndest Things sponsored by Etisalat Nigeria, was recently at the receiving end of a mix of all that the mind of a three-year old could produce.

Watching 3-year-old Corbin Ogunseye, who came to the show in company of two of his doll friends, gave a clue of how a child could acquire intelligence through observation. For his age, the level of intelligence on display could not be ignored. He was apt, and sometimes, thoughtful before responding to some questions. He could easily tell which mood his mother was in through her facial expression. His confident attempt to spell the word ‘Attitude’ ended with him pronouncing the word as ‘Atotu’ and drew a long laughter from the audience.

The ‘Ask the Experts’ Segment featured the duo of 10-year-old Ola and Babafemi, Christine and Nkechi, both 11 years old and Fiyinoluwa who shared their thoughts on the topic of the day, Music. Their sheer understanding of how music could shape social behaviour was not in doubt. P-Square’s song, “CHOP MY MONEY” received divergent views and interpretations from the children. The discussion around the song provided other insights into their world view of some other social issues like love and relationships.

While Ola’s interpretation of the song highlights the fact that money can buy affection and could be used to mend fences in a broken relationship while Nkechi suggested that money is the bait that most women would find hard to resist. These types of responses also highlight the social risks children are exposed to and the need for parents and guardians to consciously guide them to ensure that they consume the right media content that would influence their behaviours positively.

The trio of Amarachi, Faith and Ashely in the panel segment revealed in their various responses, the secret lifestyle of children within the domains of their world. Show host, Tony, had asked these trio, what the best thing about being a kid was.

11-year-old Amarachi thought ‘getting a lot of gifts’ should be the best while Faith considers ‘the freedom to play’ as the best.

Ashley, aged 9, sparked an argument between her and Faith when she suggested that a child was better than an adult. Faith eventually won when Amarachi who had stood like one caught in the crossfire took sides with her.

Subsequent episodes of the TV series will be aired on both terrestrial and satellite TV Stations. These include NTA Network, Saturday, 9 am; STV Saturday, 9.30am; and Africa Magic Channel 154 Sundays, 4 pm and 5pm on Wednesday. Others are WAPTV Saturday, 9.30 am; OGTV Saturday, 5.30pm; PRTV Saturday, 7.30pm; ABS, Saturday, 5.30 pm and Royal Roots TV Saturday, 9 am and 4 pm on Sundays.

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