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Why I'm tagged the most controversial actor"- Actor Yemi Solade

Nollywood actor Yemi Solade has created a niche for himself but not without so many controversies. He was said to be a womanizer which he has denied several times anyway.
He recently said there is a campaign against him which has made producer not to invite him for acting again. Solade touched these and many more in this interview… Enjoy it.

ONB: It was said movie producers has refused to call you for acting because of your rebel nature. What is the truth about it?
Solade; Maybe but it doesn't take anything away from me. I work with almost everybody and my archives is there, I can list them and I work with them and if my view point don't suit them I'm sorry I can't apologize for that because that is who I am. I'm radically minded and I don't think I would won't to be subservient to anybody because I want them to invite me to their movies. I don't think I lack anything to survive. I'm Yemi Solade, you can't erode me I'm here to stayfor good. So, I won't say because I want to rub anyone's back and kill professionalism.

ONB: People say English Nollywood is doing well than their Yoruba counterparts because of Yoruba's reliance on caucuses. Do you share the same view?
Solade: I've been an apostle of "let us proscribe all this caucuses ". In the days of live drama, we floated groups just like a football team. There's no footballer without a team and that is what theatre is all about, you must have people, you must staff it but this is Nollywood, why do we have to bring people together under the guise of training them? I don't know how the training goes but I always hear "we train them". I still do not subscribe to that line of apprenticeship and "ogaship" things I don't think we need it and it's killing especially the yoruba movie sector because the supposed apprentice who's very ambitious hovers around you for some time, leave and starts his own and becomes a chairman of a caucus and it goes on and on like. Then, how many caucuses are we going to have? Is it promoting the industry? I would say no! But it's debasing and reducing the levels of professionalism in it.
Mainframe, Kunle Afolayan, Tade Ogidan and others do not have caucuses but a group and they are doing well and churning out hits after hits so what is the need for it.

ONB: You are tagged "one of the most controversial Yoruba actor" how do you address this?
Solade: I read a lot about myself and when they say controversial, to me is just an assessment because I don't know what is controversial about me. I open my mouth and I say what's on my mind, it's a free world and there is freedom of speech. Everyone has the liberty so, open your mouth and say it. I talk about my work because I'm an industry leader, I've done almost 4 decades in the business of acting so, when I talk, I believed I know what I'm talking about.

ONB: A war of actors is coming between you and Hon. Rotimi Makinde (Former House Of Representatives Member) on your comment recently that he's not an actor. What brought about such comment?
Solade: Yes! He's not an actor, he's a politician. I don't know his movie records and to me he's not an actor.
I know RMD and others as an actor but, I don't know him as an actor. The fact that somebody produces a movie does not make him an actor. He worked as an accountant with NNPC and he went into politics to serve for 4 years so that's all I know about him. When we come out for industry meetings who do we see? We know those who graced it. I don't have an issue with him, he's my friend and there's nothing controversial about that.

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