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"If you can be Godly during Ramadan, why won't you be forever"? - Rasheed Abubakar

 As Muslims Ramadan fasting ends today all over the world, a young Islamic scholar, Rasheed Abubakar has encouraged his Muslims brothers and sisters to be steadfast in their faith and hold on firmly to the holy life they have subjected themselves to during the period and never go back to their sinful ways, by asking them why they can't just continue to live the kind of life they live during the holy month. 

He said this in his message as to commemorate another end of the holy month which is one of the five pillars of Islam.   
Rasheed Abubakar wrote: If you can become godly in Ramadan, then it’s possible for you to be godly throughout the rest of your life.
Dear brethren, don't go back to sins now that Ramadan is OVER.

Remember, Shaitan is your enemy. He succeeded in misleading our first parents, Adam and Hawwa (Eve), and has promised to mislead his progenies (you and I) from following the Lord’s guidance.
Don't allow him and his agents to mislead you.  

Eid-ul-Mubarak...Taqabbala llahu minnna WA minkum from RASHTA

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