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“How A part Of My Life Was Wasted Because I Was Born Into A Separated Home” - Nollywood Actor, Funsho Adeolu Reveals

Funsho and family

So many people didn't know actor Funsho Adeolu is from a broken home. He was a product of love making just like most celebrities does but he never allowed that to affect him. In this interview with yours, he revealed how it all happened and more, much more...

ONB: How was your growing up like?
FUNSHO: My growing up was very funny and interesting; I grew up in a separate home. My dad and my mum were not really married they were just lovers. They played and gave birth to me so I grew up partly with my father and with my mother. Throughout my elementary education, I was with my mum and partly with my dad but, by the time I got to the secondary school I was with my dad and only visited my mum for holidays. After a while I started living on my own but it was interesting. For someone that came from a broken home, I might not have ended up where I am today.
ONB: What where some of its effects on you?
FUNSHO: I wasted a part of my life because I didn't understand I was in a wrong place and I didn't know it was wrong at that time but, when I grew up I got to a point that I said I wish I had grown up with both of them staying together. It was a negative effect but it reinforced me so, I decided that I would never raise a child out of wedlock and I made sure that I stayed glued with my wife so that my children would not go through what I went through.
ONB: What was the most important decision you have made in life so far?
FUNSHO: The most important decision was to be a very responsible man, very original, that I won't follow the multitude to do evil. I've to be me, that I won't do anything because everyone is doing it. I do what I can afford and that is why I said people should be calling me Mr. Finest, it's because I don't want people to be calling me Mr. Original.
ONB: What is that thing that you are mostly proud of?
FUNSHO: My family. My marriage. I'm very proud of it. I said to myself I don't want to be like my parents and I made it. I've known my wife for like 19 years now, we got married like 11 years ago and we have been living together since then.

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