Eulogies poured in as movie maker, Lancelot Imasuen, celebrates 45th birthday, composes dirge for Nigeria

As one of the world’s best movie producer, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, aka D’Guvnor, celebrates his 45th birthday on Monday June 20, 2016, words of goodwill and celebrations has ceaselessly been coming in for him.
Lancelot whose friends, family and colleagues defer all olds to celebrate at a movie location in Benin where he is currently shooting a movie titled “Love upon the hills”  was full of joy and thanksgiving to God for what he has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time.
He equally seized on the opportunity to sing a dirge for his beloved country, Nigeria who has been seeing great retrogression since 45 years and nothing seems to stop the free flow of such retrogression.


Here are what some of his colleagues said about him…
Zik Zulu-Okafor..former AMP president
Happy birthday The Governor of  Nollywood. Thank you for your passion, your unshaken and undying love and commitment to film and to Nollywood. Thank you for the audacity of your faith and d impunity of your perseverance. Thank you for your ever unapologetic and robust defense of Nollywood anywhere in the world .Thank you for sustaining the vision, the passion, the professionalism, the zeal, the zest and the spirit of the first generation Nollywood. You need not talk too much about the work you have done. Your work will speak for you. And people are already speaking and idolizing you and your work. And even if people don't speak and hail you now for your untrammeled passion and dedication to our calling, you can be sure History will eulogize you and posterity will raise a fist of salute for the longevity of your professional race, for the majesty of your endurance, for your stoic and optimism at challenging times and importantly for extending the frontiers of Nollywood's ambition. But your work is yet unfinished. Keep marching on. Don't look back. On this special day of yours, I can tell you with utmost CANDOUR that you are one of d very glowing symbols of d PROMISES and POSSIBILITIES of Nollywood. Happy Birthday Lancelot.
From President Emeritus Zik Zulu-Okafor..former AMP president
Dr Mrs Ogachi
I celebrate you for your doggedness resilience and belief in the thespian world.

Theodore Anyanji (Filmmaker)
To a mentor, a great man and one most up coming Directors look up to, I say Congratulations for turning 45. Happy birthday boss. I wish you many more fruitful years to come. Cheers!

Uchenna Agbo (Filmmaker)
HBD to my illustrious friend and broda, I am very proud of your astounding achievements, imagine a Benin man making waves abroad with Benin movies, your movies are world class, continue to soar broda, u got all it takes. Mr Chamberlain
Jumoke (Actress, TV host)
It's your birthday celebration so, I celebrate you for being a legend and an inspiration to us all, your drive and humility motivates us to want to be like you, God bless you ...

Anogiri Music Artists
Psalm 100 v 1 says make a joyful noise and I have made it and with thanksgiving, heralding your Birthday O Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen. I bring Joyful tidings to a trailblazer, an achiever, a successful man, an accomplished film maker and a professional per excellence; above all, a dynamic administrator and wonderful friend and brother. I wish you what Psalm 91 v 16 says,"with long life will I satisfy him, and shew him in my Salvation". Lance, i wish u more success and accomplishments. Happy Birthday!
When a king becomes too popular, there is only one reason to that. It’s because he not only leads but also listens and participates in the struggles, pain discomfort, joy and happiness of his people. At 45, his pairs know that his achievements are ground breaking and he hasn't even started be cuz of the fire and furry he exacts on his challenges. Happy birthday king. The maestro, true friend, true brother. Let heaven look at your heart and never hesitate to come when you ever make a call. May you be healthy and strong to live a very long and winning life. Amen. I am seeing you soon and we will as usual celebrate this one together even if it's not on the same day. God bless you, your home and your business. And truly may Jesus #bringbacksameoldnigeria..

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