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Omawumi storms out of interview when asked about alleged smoking, drinking habits (video)

Yoruba people do say, "you don't count a six fingered hands in the presence of the owner" (A kii ti oju onika mefa kaa). You put leaves in your mouth in the presence of a deaf man and you might be inviting troubles for yourself.
Yesterday, popular singer Omawumi Magbele aka Omawumi stormed off the set of HFtv Da Chat show after she was asked to address rumors about her smoking and drinking habit. A visibly angry Omawumi told the presenter, Zinnia who was seen distraught that;

Omawumi and Zinnia during the interview
"I will not honour you with a response. I feel like that is a taint to my character. Have you seen me smoking before?" When the presenter said no, Omawumi said "So why would you say that? You see me as an artist, I am contributing what I can. I make music the way that I should and I come here and honour your invitation and then you sit down and talk about my smoking & drinking to people that are listening. And you're supposed to mean me well when these people are supposed to be the ones that are buying my music. Now, when you say that sort of thing, do you mean me well? You can't ask me to kill a rumour that you are not sure a rumour, you need to go and dig and get your facts right before you ask somebody something ...and that is the end of this interview" she then stormed out.

Watch the video after the cut

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