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Breaking News: Behold the pure blooded British woman, Clair, who simplifies 'Pidgin language' As ATM hits cinemas nationwide May 13, 2016

When popular Nollywood movie producer and director, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen aka D'guvnor told the world that a full blooded British woman, Claire Edun also known as 'Oyinbo Princess' spoke fluent pidgin English, so many people doubted it.
Someone very close to me even said, "my brother that was a pure voice editing, nothing more." Another said she was only taught to do it in the line of duty and may not be able to do it over and over again but, all this doubt would be addressed starting from Friday May 6, 2016 when Oyinbo Princess arrives in Nigeria for the world premiere of hilarious, educative and entertaining movie, "ATM" (Authentic Tentative Marriage).
Oyinbo Princess who has never spent up to two months in Nigeria before will arrive the country today Thursday May 5, 2016 for the premiere. And in a first of its kind interaction, British Broadcasting Corporation news (BBC) will beon hand to interview on his arrival. She will also be gracing the event which will come up at the Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island, Lagos,  to meet and chat in pidgin language with all guests and movie lovers. 
Also, the frenzy for the invite of the world premiere has gripped movie enthusiasts in the country, most especially in Lagos where the premiere that will still travel to almost 10 nations of the world will start. 
The movie producer, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen said, "ATM promises to surpass all expectations of a typical Nollywood movie with a good story line, theme and characters. Claire Edun also known as Oyinbo Princess clearly and undoubtedly excelled in this her first movie appearance in Nigeria and this has taught we Nigerians who will go to the extreme to pull down anyone who tried to master our originated language a great lesson because it is basically on this her great feat that BBC news will be coming down to Nigeria to interview her."
In tomorrow's premiere fans of popular actors and actresses such as Ebube Nwagbo, Yvonne Jegede, Alex Ekubo, Francis Odega, Mercy Johnson, Oyinbo Princess herself and a host of others will have access to them at the red carpet will starts at exactly 5:30pm.
ATM will hit cinemas nationwide on Friday May 13, 2016.
ATM...A romantic comedy stirs Robinson, (Alex Ekubor) a young jobless man in his late 20s who met a white lady, Emilia ( Oyinbo Princess) via online dating and started extorting money from her in pretensenm that he was going to marry her. Meanwhile, he has a Nigerian girlfriend, Caroline, (Yvonne Jegede) who has been very supportive and taking care of him and his uncle Gbenga (Francis Odega).
Gbenga fell for his brother's caprices when he told him about his plan to make the 'Oyinbo' lady her ATM, by marrying her and divorce her after six months in other to inherit her wealth and subsequently marry his Naija girlfriend, Caroline.  
But when Emilia arrived Nigeria, Robinson got the shock of his life... 
It is a movie you will live to remember because it will surpass generations in fact, it qualifies to be called an "ever green movie."

Watch the first official trailer here...

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