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VickieRobert should have saved Congolese Star, Papa Wemba, Prince Nelson!

"He should not have died if Vickie Robert was there." This was the statement of one of the fans of Congolese superstar, Papa Wemba, who collapsed and died while performing during a festival in Ivory Coast on Sunday April 24n 2016.

He died after falling ill during a set at the Urban Musical Festival Anoumabo (FEMUA) in Abidjan, the first major cultural event in the country since a jihadist attack on a beach resort last month.

"She would have saved him. She has the wherewithal to do it. She has done it before, severally to other performing artists and entertainers in general. I've seen her in Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom attending to these entertainers in their hotel rooms and relaxation centres before they go on stage."
This where the words of some of those who heard about Mbaba's death. These among many others are still lamenting bitterly. 

Like a flash of light it all happened. He was exuberant, gale, cheerful and hearty at his hotel room that morning just at 66 years of age. 
No one could think that day would be the last time they would be seeing him. 
Papa Wemba is dead but his life would have been saved if Vickie Robert Okere, CEO, VickieRoberts Hospitality have been around.
There have been several calls and appeals that every event promoter should hire the services of an event first Aider for any performing artists at their show, but each time these calls are made promoters out of cheer negligence do turn deaf ears to it. 
Like Wemba, he was said to be showing signs of fatigue before his performance and was drinking water at every opportunity but this was not enough to save him, a check by someone in the caliber of VickieRobert would have been perfect for him on that sad day.
Artists/celebrities are human, they too have health conditions like anyone else. Most of them are swayed by the amount promoters are paying on them and therefore neglect their health issues. Some of them do performed with strains and various forms of ailments yet, they keep it to themselves. Only a trained nurse or therapist would have detected such, like the case of Papa Wemba, Kennis Music sensational star artist , Goldie Harvey and Prince Rogers Nelson who died at his Paisley park home after a performance few days ago.

VickieRoberts specialises in providing  well being for entertainers while they are in the Uk or Ireland to perform. 
Vickie is a Registered Nurse with the Nursing And Midwifery Council Uk (NMC) where she has garnered 13 years experience in the Healthcare Sector. She is currently working as a public Health Nurse/School Nurse/ Welfare Officer in Uk. 
VRH is a certified Suicide Intervention Specialist. She also holds a qualification in Therapeutic Massage.
Over the years, almost all Nigerian entertainers who have been to UK and Ireland to perform can't do without her and this is borne out of the need for them to stay well and healthy as the saying goes; "a healthy man is a wealthy man."
VRH cares but God cures. Nevertheless, she is ready to save souls

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