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Between Linda Ikeji And Wizkid: This Is The Missing Link

They are not in the same category either by profession, age, class, achievements, popularity, impacts or experience but the cold war between popular blogger, Linda Ikeji and pop star Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun aka Wizkid seems to be going too far.

Wizkid is in his late 20s while Linda is in her late 30s with both doing well in their respective business. While Linda have excelled and made a name for herself in blogging, Wizkid was at a time one of the rave making artistes in Africa. But the latest uneasiness between the two of them has left their fans aghast on what could have happened between them.
To start with, Linda I know will not report a story without asking her source twice the authenticity of such stories. She may have been accused of ‘publishing tarnishing’ stories in the past but no light ever comes out without a smoke. That Wizkid has decided to put up a fight with her is nothing but a misplaced priority and a mere flex of unmerited popularity.

Linda Ikeji’s blog has over the years been the biggest source of promotional platform for artistes and movie makers in the country and I dare anyone to dispute the claim that he/she has not directly or indirectly benefitted from it before! So, many artiste has included her name in their musical lyrics just to get mentions on her blog; Banky W is a one of the recent examples so, why is Wizkid’s own an exception? Why is he fighting his benefactor? Of what gain is that to him? More popularity? Why not just focus on his dwindling musical carrier and let sleeping dogs sleep gently?

That Linda is not yet married is never a disease. She wasn’t the only single lady at her age in Lagos not to talk of Nigeria  so why the fuse. That Linda decided to be flaunting her wealth and acquisitions on social media is not meant to be anyone’s source of headache as well. She has her life to live so also every other persons.

That Linda has decided to drag Wizkid to Lagos Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, after he threatened to send his 16 year old cousin to beat her up following their social media brouhaha is the greatest low of these role models. What on earth were they thinking? Is this supposed to be the new trend?

As this letter of summon issued to Wizkid, with an invitation letter sent to the Surulere office of his manager, Sunday Are, let’s hope both parties would ‘borrow themselves brain’ and behave like a true role model to their ever supportive fans.

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