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"I believe in growing with my man not already made one" - Foluke Daramola-Salako.

Beautiful Nollywood thespian and film maker, Foluke Daramola Salako has said having an already made man is not a motivation for her in marriage but believed in growing with a man.
Foluke Daramola Salako. was a special guest at the 2016 event of the bloggers' night few days ago, which had her husband, Rotarian Olukayode Salako as the key note speaker. Foluke during a red carpet  interview with a cross section of the bloggers spoke frankly about her historical experience in the Nollywood and what she stands for as a woman. 
She said, "first of all, my journey in the movie industry in Nigeria has been such a very good and fulfilling one. So far, I can say I have seen it all in the industry. I have seen the good; the bad and the ugly of all Nollywood can offer me and Nigeria. And honestly, I should say I am a bit fulfilled as a practitioner of repute in the industry. There is hardly any prominent actor in the industry I have not worked with or had an encounter with. The only discouraging factor right now is that film production is no longer bringing money like it used to be. And piracy as well as other evolutionary prevalent factors are responsible. Now, you go all out to produce a movie and at the end of the day, you end up releasing it into the hands of the enemies of the industry, the pirates. They are the ones frustrating our efforts in the industry. A lot of factors are also working against the survival of the industry, but piracy as well as the prevalent global economic downturn are the main factors. Right now, there is no money to be made like that in the industry and that is why many of our colleagues have resorted to venturing into other things to fetch them money, while quite a number of us have relocated from Nigeria in search of greener pastures elsewhere. 
She also reiterated that all her life she has always lived to be seen a value based woman. "I have always lived to be seen as a value based woman, who can always be a role model to my generation. That is why it is difficult for me to abandon these values and be running after money of material things. I believe, with valuable life, the money can always come with time. If it is about money or material things, I should be one of the richest actresses in Nigeria, but I chose to earn my living through value based life styles. I don't think there is hardly any big and prominent men in this country I don't know or does not recognize me. At one point in time, I have met a lot of big men with tempting offers, but my nature would not just want to make money through undignified channels. I have come across a lot of offers- I have seen a lot of men, but those who know, know me that I would never betray the dignity of my womanhood. I am not a now, now person. I am a deep thinker. I don't get desperate over anything that is not dignifying. That is why I have not been a very rich actress like that, but I believe with my education, focus, uprightness and God, I will rise to become one of the iconic women this country will celebrate tomorrow. This is my goal and not to be rich through any means. During the last general election, I got offers to work for PDP and collect dollars, but my husband and I decided never to betray our principles and ideals. Hence, we refused to be swayed by the money inducement. This is who I am, a value based person, who is aiming to be celebrated later in life as a great woman in Africa and around the world. And I thank God for the kind of a husband God has given to me in Olukayode Salako. He is equally a value based person who believes in earning income through dignifying means. I am married to a very clean man, who I am proud of any day any time. If it is about the money, maybe I wouldn't have been patient enough to meet my own man today. There is hardly any top man in this country today that I have not met, but many of them will tell you Foluke does not sell her body for money. I am a woman of dignity. And that is how I want to continue live and been seen by my children and the numerous people I mentor."
On her projects, Foluke Daramola Salako (JP) said she is now more engaged with how to continue to impact more and more into the lives of the oppressed and abused across Africa as a human rights crusader and a humanitarian through the active running of her NGO, Passion Against Rape and Abuse in Africa (PARA Africa). 
Her talk show 'The Morning After' which is aimed at promoting and propagating the ideals and objectives of her NGO, is currently making waves on Galaxy television.
The veteran and astute  Actress, Producer and Director has  featured and produced many movies over the last 20 years. Some of which are The Cobwebs, an English movie and My Blood (Eje Mi) coming out in the cinema soon.
On bloggers who published without verification, she said "before running celebrities down with what you write always seek the second side by verifying. Relationship between the bloggers and the celebrities should always be mutually and beneficially exclusive as the bloggers will always need the celebrities to survive or have something trending to write about and the celebrities too will always need the bloggers to grow and be relevant." 
She wants Nigerian bloggers to be bloggers with conscience and not bloggers like the kind of relationship the Nigerian police have with Nigerians.

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