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Top Nollywood producer and owner of fast rising online movie content company, Oby Olebara Uzoukwu has said that Obylicious Foundation is set to empower 10,000 children and 500 widows.

Speaking at the unveiling, Dr. Oby noted that as an orphan herself she feels the plight of the less privileged children in the society and has always nursed the idea of a Foundation to help reach out to them. 

Citing the United Nations statistics on the state of Education, Dr. Oby said that it would be nice if every human being should have the right, privilege, and opportunity to get the best education possible. 

Also reacting to a report that about 13 million plus children are out of school in Nigeria, with millions of others across the country lacking access to basic necessities, such as food, clean water, sanitation, medicine, shelter, books, the top Nollywood producer said that the situation is worrisome because a lack of education means that the children would also grow up unhappy and the real danger is that children of the poor would be deprived of the opportunity to learn, to develop their innate talent and to grow to contribute meaningfully to the society.
"We recognised that the government alone cannot fix this. Private organisations and public-spirited individuals must become involved for there to be hope. We set up Obylicious Foundation – Your Happiness Matters, precisely because we wanted to get involved, to contribute and give hope. We want to make people happy. Dr. Oby said.
Speaking further she said that Obylicious Foundation is a charity dedicated to helping children, youths and women from less privileged backgrounds break away from the poverty cycle. She said the foundation is designed to provide guidance, care and resources that enable families and communities to keep their young people in school and out of trouble.
"At Obylicious Foundation we seek to provide succor to the needy children in society through the provision of school and learning materials. We are equally concerned about caring for widows and the aged. Right now, we offer free meals, opportunity for entertainment and fun and essential school supplies.  In the long term we would be able to provide scholarship to exceptionally brilliant children, free vocational training, and micro funding for widows to run their businesses among others. Our goal in the next 10 years is to reach 10, 000 children and 500 widows. She said.

Present at the unveiling were top personalities from the creative industry and private sector among them were the founder, Programos Africa Foundation, Amos Emmanuel, Nollywood Iconic Actors Sir. Chris Akwarandu and Lilian Bach, Felix Duke, president, Creative Industry Group, veteran Musician, Lucky Okri, among others.

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