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"What I Want For My Birthday" - VRF UK, Nigeria CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of Vickie Robert Foundation, a Non Governmental Organization in United Kingdom and Nigeria, Vickie Robert Okere, has said all she needed for her forthcoming birthday is a gift for less privileged.

The philanthropic certified United Kingdom based Nurse whose birthday comes up on 14th November, 2018 want to use the occasion of her next birthday to provide for some of the needs of these vulnerable individuals most especially in Nigeria.

She told; "For my birthday this year, i am pleading with you my family and  friends  to donate towards our charity: Vickie Robert Foundation Uk &  Nigeria."

"Join me as I donate my birthday gifts, cash gifts to make a difference to the lives of children living with disabilities, Orphans and vulnerable children, Widows and less privileged in the society."

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Mrs. Okere said; "A gift of…

£1 could provide books and stationary for 1 child at Vickie Robert Foundation After School Club Ayobo, Lagos Nigeria."

£5 could provide Multisensory Equipments for children with disabilities.

£10 could pay for aids and appliances for children with disabilities.

£20 - Could pay for full medical checkup of a child with disability for one year.

£50-£100 could pay for a child with learning disability to go to a special school for a year.

£50 could pay for a safe birthing kit for Traditional Birth Attendants/ Community midwives in the communities.

£100 could turn a young person’s dreams into a reality by funding literacy, life skills and vocational training for a year.

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