60th Birthday: Bimbo Daramola Writes Abdullahi Nyako, Waziri Kojoli

Congress man, Bimbo Daramola of Ekiti State has written a heart warming note to Barrister Nyako as he marks his 60th birthday.

Daramola wrote; "there are people in life whose path yours crosses leave you with eternal gratitude, and for the rest of one's life, one will be grateful to God.

Such people do not care where you come from, neither does it bother them  the faith you profess, but because they are humanists or better still angels in human form  they just stand up for you.

I am proud to say I met one of such rare angels in this extremely quiet , almost bordering on taciturn person in Bar.Abdullahi Nyako.

Yesterday at your 60th, I was not surprised at the simplicity  of the event, because that's who you are.

Your entire life has redefined simplicity and humility.

Your life embodies the above and more as many of those who attended the 60th reception will attest to, it was not surprising that Hadjia Fateema corroborated  my statement that if you knew that anything was being planned you would have objected.

Well you and your life deserves to be celebrated. Here is a man so powerful, has been in the corridors of power as a consummate civil servant from August 1982, worked and walked with men of power from that year as an officer in the public service up till the years between 1999-2007 when you were the principal private secretary PPS to the then Vice President Atiku Abubakar, GCON  then Turaki Adamawa now Waziri.

My life's trajectory crossed yours from that simple call made by the then Colonel Solomon Giwa Amu, (RIP dearly beloved Uncle Solo) the first ADC to President Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR.

Between that simple 4 minutes call and the 5 minutes walk  from the President's  office  to your office in the powerful Vice President s office was the dream of a young Nigerian and under and around which some other dreams and lives have found expression, realised or cohabit today.

I ask myself what if you did not take that call? What if you did not listen to me, what if you chose to do what some people who are driven by power had decided to  cut my dream and shut the door in my face as some gleefully  do today?

You chose to open the door because the door of your heart does not have locks!

From that simple meeting that late afternoon in the Villa till date  our relationship  has gone from Mr Daramola and PPS, to Bimbo and Oga Abdullahi to My brother this day.

As myself and Babale discussed we will force you to a bigger celebration, not celebration for the heck of it or just to make noise but to accord and acknowledge a life that has become to central to many others including that of the Trojan himself as a reason of your steadfastness,  faithfulness, sincerity, spartan nature and lots more.

Your simplicity  made you start another pursuit of a degree in law even in the face of your very tight duty as  the engine room and heartbeat of the then Vice President's office, no mail comes there without an acknowledgement within 48hrs max.

You were and still so damn effective and efficient as you were and are dutiful till this day.

No doubt having been a blessing to many, including  the Waziri himself  and many others, you have so much of power and weight but you chose to remain in the shadows and innocuous, but we owe it to our conscience to celebrate you and thereby commend your virtues that your life encapsulates to others as a key to a better world.

My relationship with you surely is a treasure.

We shall celebrate you again, in kan na son, in ba ka son ba, dole za mu yi.

Thank you Hadjia Fateema  and other "coup plotters" for pulling this,we shall take if from there. Soonest inshallah Allah.

Happy Birthday my dear Oga.

May Almighty  Allah grant your desires and wishes,may Allah lace your days with fullness of blessings.


Bimbo." He wrote.

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