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"I Want To Emulate Christian Owned Football Club MFM's Achievements" - Islamic Club Owner, Sheikh Mustapha Vows

A well known Islamic cleric in Ogun State, Fadilatu sheikh Mustapha Taoreed, is the CEO of TAOSAF FC and  TAOSAF foundation.

He shared his experience being a football club owner and an Islamic cleric on how he is planning to make the football team known throughout the world and emulate the achievements of Christian owned Mountain of Fire and Miracle football club.

*Ques : Can i meet you sir?*

My name is Fadilatu sheikh Mustapha Tored Abudulwasiu.

*Ques : When was this football club founded ?*

This football club was founded this year, February 2018.

*Ques : What motivate you to have a football club as an Islamic cleric?*

Actually i was once a footballer and that's what i thought i will be in life, I played for Nigeria under 17, 21 in 1997, but there were complaints about my age back then in camp, i also played for Kano Pillars in 1992, 1993. Although  injury stopped me from signing a progressional contract with them, Former Super Eagles forward Agahawo and Pius Ikedia were my football mates.

So i couldn't make it in my football career due to injury, my daddy was even trying to help me with a team abroad,  but i lost interest completely when i gained admission, into the  university where i also played for my school  Bauchi state university back then, so i can say being an ex footballer motivate me.

 And my second motivation was that youths who are talented are being engaged in criminal acts in Nigeria, so they need to be encouraged and stopped from going to their bad Way's, by the special grace of God we have 25 good, strong, skilful and healthy players  in my football camp as i speak to you. So this also motivate  me.

*Ques : Are this players on pay roll?*

No we are still feeding them for now and we give them football kits till they sign a progressional contract,  so for now am managing the team with the little resources i have as an Islamic cleric.

*Ques : What are your plans concerning placing the football club on the international stage?*

We have Agents in Italy, Germany and united kingdom who are ready to partner with TAOSAF FOOTBALL CLUB.

We have registered this club, and we are trying to register it with the state government too. however we have been trying to Engage with some local teams and  the team is still unbeaten after 20/matches played.

We have involved our foundation  lawyer to prepare documents for them, to show us how we can sign them professionally, so from then payment will start.

So by November we are playing under 23 competitions which i have already invited some foreign scouts to come and  watch their matches and choose players that impresses them for trials abroad  to sign them for professional contract in Europe and from their i believe they can make it.

*Ques : What are your challenges since you started this football club?*

The challenges have been enormous, like the issue of camping the footballers, we need to know and check their criminals records in other not to tarnished my image and fame as a well known Islamic cleric in Ogun state, you know footballers can be funny at times with dubious character and my name is at stake. This is one of the challenges because we need to sit them down as well to feed them with words of God.

Eating is also part of the challenges, footballers don't eat any food, so we need to placed them on diet wish i paid for their feedings everyday, that's also a big task for me, you know we have foundation wish we spend on all  every activities everyday.

So we need people, we need cooperate body, especially on Islamic world should come and assist this foundation with funds, I can't do it alone, i need their support. Look at MFM football club they are doing fine and their pastors rally round to support the football club with funds and other Necessities.

So i am also using this medium to call on Islamic world to let us join hands together, help with money and support this our football club and emulate MFM football club achievements .

*Ques : What are the requirements of joining your team*

Once you're good, my team will welcome you. both Muslim and Christian are welcome, just be healthy and 

*Ques : Your message for Ogun State youths?*

Youths have been used to commit crime every now and there, so every youths should be calm and be closer to God, youths should see themselves  as an ambassador of Nigeria because they don't know what they will become tomorrow If they tarnish their images today. So all youth should shun and abstain from crime.

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