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Beauty Queen, Chioma Vanessa Iwuchukwu Teams Up With Imo State, LASG, NDDC, For Her Pet Project

In a bid to revive the passion for history and discovery of roots by Nigerians, the winner of the much publicised Face of Candy City Tourism, Chioma Iwuchukwu is set to team up with Imo state Government, Lagos state Government, Niger Delta Development Commission, some Nigerian senators for a tourism project which she titled ‘ Trace’. This is coming few months after she was crowned the winner of the popular pageant.

While addressing Journalists, she noted that lots of Nigerians find it difficult to know their roots or trace their history and this is responsible for a lot of things in the country presently. Hence, there is need for the awareness to make everyone know the importance in knowing their background, history and roots.

‘’ This project is unique because a lot of Nigerians don’t know their history. They don’t even teach history in schools anymore which isn’t supposed to be but even teachers don’t know it. If someone can bring out all this things in them, I think we will have a lot to write about this country. People will know where they are coming from, a lot of things will happen, there is a lot to write about TRACE, it’s going to inspire a lot of people, some have ideas and can’t execute, everyone is afraid, this project will help to correct that.

Reflecting back to the moment of the contest, she revealed they were over 300 and that a lot of people discouraged her because they thought she won’t win but because she has always been a goal getter, she never gave up and it has paid off for her.

The Imo-state born beauty also revealed that apart from modelling, she now has a company ‘ Autovance repairs’ which deals with car repairs in Owerri, Imo state.

‘’ I just set up a company Autovance repairs and programming centre which located at the modern new mechanic village and the structure was built by us so it’s a very well planned decision. For the past 22 years, my dad was into that so we are running a partnership now’.

Like It is widely known that all models go into entertainment at one point in their career, Chioma Iwuchukwu has said that she’s currently planning to go into acting anytime soon.

Speaking about her challenges during the contest, she made it known that she faced a lot.

‘’I was in Owerri at that time and coming to Lagos was difficult for me because I had no money, even during our time in camp, I had no money with me, that was one of the greatest challenges I faced’

Furthermore, she spoke about the secret of her success

‘’ In life, you need ideas, you don’t just wait for the government. When some people are done with school, they tell you they are looking for job, I don’t think that works for me. I created the idea myself and it worked. Anything we have today, we started from the scratch, nobody helped, not even government. So any entrepreneurs out there need to create ideas. When I was doing this business, people said it is meant for men but I tell them there’s no business that isn’t for everybody and as an entrepreneur, you don’t need a lot of money, all you need is the ideas, you don’t need millions to become somebody, there are people who have millions and don’t know how to make use of it. People started business with N4,000 and they have grown big today.’’

Furthermore, she lauded the organisers of Candy city pageant for keeping to their promises in terms of the rewards attached to the victory.

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