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When we come together as youth of the Nigeria nation and we are on about taking the system back; what comes to mind? Should we take back what rightfully belongs to us through some rebellious and disrespectful manner?

Indeed, Nigerians have suffered in the hands of most, if not all of their past administrators, be it colonial rule, military regimes and democratically elected governments.  Hence, the need to take it back.  While we are at it, we do not only want to take back fiscal policies that affect the standard of living in Nigeria alone. I think it is imperative for us as a nation to take back our lost cultural values and heritage.

A good leader is not only expected to be articulate or just brilliant. A good leader should be a complete package of academic prowess, native intelligence, good manners and highly sensitive to the yearnings of the people. A good leader is not expected to emotionally react to every word or action towards his person; true power lies in sitting back and observing things logically. True power is restraint; if words control you, it means everyone else will. A good leader will take a fresh breadth and allow things to pass. A true leader is Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi.

All this came through my mind after AAC party’s presidential aspirant, Omoyele Sowere ‘s episode at the Palace of Ooni; the first traditional ruler of the Oduduwa race and the progenitor of the Yoruba race,  Where Sowere  (a Yoruba born from the Sunshine State( Ondo) where knowledge and intelligence soar high) claimed he could not prostrate to our/his fore-father because he was kept waiting for 3 hours before he was attended by the revered monarch.  However, he reluctantly prostrated afterwards.  At some stage Sowere also claimed that he could not prostrate because “he is a president in the making”.

 My response to this act comes in form of a Yoruba proverb which states “ Omode to ni ti o n ba dagba tan, ori eyele lon maje; e ba mi so fun pe, ori eyele o ni je ko dagba.” I would have preferred if you’d said “your Babalawo had instructed you not to bow to anyone” That may still be appealing to people who promote culture(sarcasm) especially when it was noted that you’d done same to other paramount rulers such as Alafin of Oyo and the Olubadan of Ibadan.

Hold on……… I once saw a 2 term, aged former President Olusegun Obasanjo took to his heels before our highly revered Oonirisa! Who then is Sowere before the stool of Oonirisa and the Yoruba nation? If you do not believe in an institution, you don't  go any close to it.... who invited Sowere to the palace.

You Just lost fans man!

That act basically implied that Sowere is likely not suited for the position he covets; if he is that impatient and unable to balance politics and culture.  On another note, did Sowere take a bite from his supposed marijuana plants with which he intends to boost the Nigeria economy before stepping into the palace of OOni?  Seriously, bros are you high on something?

In his usual character, His Imperial Majesty Ooni  Adeyeye was neither moved nor perturbed by Omoyele’s show of arrogance save for Emese Wole who walked up to Sowere to challenge his indiscretion. 

We also have it that, the air was polluted by gas. There were speculations that this act was done by Sowere’s boys or the angry crowd.  It could even be the spiritual beings that inhibits at Ile-Odua who couldn’t curtail the excesses of Mr. President in waiting.  Whichever it is, Omoyele Sowere had gone beyond his bounds and I sincerely think you should reflect on all of these while you are sober and do the needful.

That said, you still went online misinforming people that you were attacked ….whereas, some of the visitors of Kabiyesi are still hospitalised as an aftermath of your indiscretion. 

This shouldn’t be you!  Sowere! Abi ise aye ni……..? No, it is not as we often speculate, your arrogance caused it.

As a culturally inclined person and a true Yoruba born, I would expect that you would be in ‘tubu’ or your head possibly rolling at the shrine of Ogun in those days when absolute monarch was still in fashion. However, the advent of the foreign religions had rid us the disciplinary part of our culture and due to the compassionate tendencies of Oonirisa, your sins may be forgiven.

Arole Oodua!
Alase Orisa!
Alaka omo Apaara!
Iti omo Irumole!
E je bure o Baba……………………….. omode o kin mo eko je, ko ma ra lowo.

As always, you will find a place in your heart to forgive his indiscretion.
Thanks for being who you are Oonirisa,
My king, our king, the people’s king!
May your reign be long and peaceful (ase!!!)

Gbemisola Adewumi Taiwo

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