Script2Screen Africa Reality TV Reality Project: Answer To BBNaija’s Flaws


How do you rescue a drowning nation? A nation that has thrown her values into the mud. A nation that adopts negative European values and neglects the positive ones. How?

We have forgotten who we are, what we stood for and what our forefathers fought for rather, we have become ‘sir’ (slave I remain) to the European culture and attitudes. Or how do you describe a country like ours sending young, energetic and resourceful ones on a life destroying mission to South Africa for three (3) months all in the name of a reality show that carried the name of Nigeria yet not shot here.

They while away their precious time, sitting idly in front of cameras for 24 hours doing nothing productive. What a nation! The most unusual and demoralizing aspect of it all was their immoral act of sexuality. Doing it in the toilet in front of camera! These guys didn’t even know themselves from Adam. What an act? What a shame?


I don't expect a Christian who goes to church regularly and believes in the teachings of master Jesus to to endorse and promote this Immorality show, A Muslim who observes his 5 solat daily should not be the one promoting BBN.

Can someone tell me the economic value of BBNaija to Nigeria? When we have beautiful estates, recreational centers and hotels lying fallow, they took the production outside the country to South Africa. Tax evaded, joy opportunities missed, originality lost, local content missing; so, what are the values?

Instead of airing programmes that can train, mentor and support the vision of these young Nigerians, shape their thought,  provoke their mindset to ideas that will pioneer positive revolution in Nigeria, and across the continent of Africa, they are left to rotten in immoral decadence and sexual escapades in far away South Africa.


Although, there have been calls from several well meaning Nigerians to end this ‘sodomite act’ but all have fallen into deaf ears of those in authority.
We are too religious in Nigeria, that has been the defense of those with dirty minds but, ask any of those young men what their religious beliefs are and they would either say; I’m a Christian or a Muslim, so tell me where in the Bible or Quran where these their acts of sexual immoralities is not condemned.


A concerned Nigerian, Ogbeni Akinbusola Babatunde, recently wrote; “If only there could be an educating version of this programme. If only they could house some intelligent people in like manner and make them compete for similar prizes. But, no! Our people do not encourage sanity.
“Our society promotes evil over good, indecency over decency, immorality over morality, and ungodliness over godliness.”


“The best in Mathematics competitions will go home with either a carton of cowbell milk or Indomie noodles, ridiculous stipends and laughable prizes. Yet these morons in BBN will earn millions for coming to suck breasts, speak thrash, display nudity, and get under the sheets on International TVs.”
“Our rich individuals, companies and corporate organizations will spend huge sums of money sponsoring dirty shows like BBN and Beauty Pageants where they will enthrone satanic activities, display nudity, molest our under aged girls, and make them win on bottom power rather than on real beauty and brains.”


This Nigerian is fed up. He’s tired of all acts of indecency on-air and he’s ready to be a change agent. What about you?
Then, I also ask why can’t more Nigerians create a platform like Script2Screen Africa Filmmaking Reality TV project; a concept of one of African’s next generational Filmmaker, Bright Wonder?
A project where in addition to the glamour and glitz that film offers, it also seeks to explore its transformative effect through training, mentorship, and support.


Script2Screen Africa Filmmaking Reality TV project; a reality TV show which is themed “Film as a catalyst for revolution”, is focused on raising a new breed of filmmakers who understand that film still has the capacity to create positive change in every society. The vision of these trailblazers will shape thought provoking short and feature films that will pioneer positive revolution in Nigeria, and across the continent of Africa.


This Journey began in 2017 with auditions across Africa and 60 delegates from Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Kenya was selected. In 2018, the show was rebranded as Script2Screen Africa; Focus Nigeria with a sub theme “Corruption free Nigeria”.


This show is now shooting from Amen Estate, Ibeju Lekki, along Eleko Beach; with over 120 crew, cooks, sweepers, drivers and security men who are all Nigerians. They are out of millions of jobless Nigerians; they will be able to feed their families as well.

These are the sets of people who are with these young and new breed of filmmakers who believed that film still has the nitty-gritty and the capacity to create positive change in every society.
Although, they won’t be sudden millionaires like the notorious BBNaija whose winner is expected to walk away with a whopping N25 million and a breathtaking car but, they are also not going to walk away empty handed as well.


At the end of the over 4-week project, winners will be taken in each category of; Best Group, Best Actor, Best Filmmaker, Best Director and Best Screenplay Writer. Aside the cash rewards, they will get technical supports for their projects, they will also be eligible for startup grants anytime they have an impacted film they want to make.


And above all, they are all Ambassadors for change and would be recognized by international bodies because, the project is supported by John D & Katherine T MacArthur Foundation; an international support organization, powered by High Definition Film Academy (@hdfilmacademy) and endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports.

Now compare this with a programme like BBNaija where all that is required to win is to live with a bunch of jobless and visionless people do all sorts of immoral things, get jobless people to vote for them and, viola, you're the winner.


Script2screeen African Reality TV Show is now showing on African Movie Channels (AMCSeries) Channel 134 on Startimes at 3:00 pm on Sundays & Thursdays.

It will also be showing on Silverbird Network Television DSTV 252 on Sundays at 10:30pm, Wazobia TV/UHF channel 259 at 8:00 pm on Thursdays and 9:00 pm on Sundays and on GOTV 95 and Startimes channel 195 at 9:00 pm.

Also on Wazobia Max TV on DSTV Channel 259 and UHF 57 (terrestrial TV) Wednesday 10:00 pm, Thursdays 3: 00 pm, Saturdays 6:30 pm and Sundays 9:00pm on channel 98 on GOTV.
Now, this is a great escape from the scenes of immoralities that has pervaded our screens for almost three (3) months.

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