Actress Temitayo Launches Food And Lifestyle Show


Nollywood Actress Temitayo Adeniyi, is pretty, beautiful and bold. The loveable actress who has done over 100 movies since her introduction into the industry some years ago is now planning to launch a Food and Lifestyle Show on TV.

Temitayo talked about this and many more during this chat.

You went ghost on the movie industry, for a while, why?

Yes, i have been off screen for a while now because at a point, i needed a break. I needed to attend to other aspect of my life which has been taking my time and attention due to my constant busy schedules, going from one set to another.

So, what have you been doing?

‎I was focused more on me, my health, business and investment.
I noticed you started doing a lot of cooking and delivering, what inspired that?
Firstly, i run a catering company, which i have been doing aside acting. I took a break from the screen so as to give me room to focus more and grow my business.

Any plans on returning completely into the film industry?

Obviously I am back , better and bigger. I am fully back on screen, in fact i have been on 3 different set within a period of 1 week.


I'm sure most fans of yours have really missed you, any special message for them?

Firstly, I will like to sincerely apologize to every of my fans out there. I'm sorry for going off for such a long period of time without notice,  at a point i needed to take the break because there were so many distractions. I was stressed and it had started affecting my health and total wellbeing. It was a sabbatical that was urgently needed for my total wellbeing.  Thanks to everyone that reached out to me, i really appreciate. God bless you all.

What are you presently working on?

Right now am presently working on a new TV show.


What inspired The Project?

What inspired my new show is the fact that i am a food lover, and i enjoy cooking. Most people didn't get to understand the fact that food is art!
I created and titled my show HOMEMADE with TAYO because its a food and lifestyle show.
I will be showing my fans the artistic part of food and how food can influence our lifestyle.

What gives this project an edge over others of its kind?

Being a natural food enthusiasts, being authentic and bringing my A-game to the table, gives my show an edge over others.

What are the possible challenges you think you might encounter during this project?

Right now i don't see any challenge nor threat. If by any chance something springs up , i will surely overcome it. Challenges are meant to test us not stop us.

How do you deal with negative vibe?

I deal with negative vibes by totally avoiding anything or anyone that will cost me my peace of mind. I literally flee.

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