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'Yet Another Wedding Day': Lancelot Imasuen Gathers Stella Damasus, Jim Ikye, Joseph Benjamin In Atlanta, US Location

Nollywood's most active producer Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen is gathering on set some of the Nollywood's greats; Stella Damasus, Jim Ikye and Joseph Benjamin in Atlanta, US for the production of his new movie 'Yet Another wedding Day'.

Lancelot whose romantic comedy movie 'ATM' is still topping various film charts is partnering with Robert Peters, Robert whose AY 's 30 days in Atlanta he directed shot him to limelight; as he has equally directed 'A Trip To Jamaica' and Vivian Eghosa Williams 'Unveil'.

Yet Another wedding Day, a compiling 6 cast movie done in a single location will also be introducing two brand new acts Felix Omozusi and Saraii Captca in a high tension suspense filled dramatic twist; an unbelievable, unbeatable piece, the movie will set a tone for another great piece from Lancelot Imasuen who has traversed various continents to produce quality movies.

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