Popular Prophet, Bro. Joshua Iginla over the years has been dishing out accurate prophecies over the years bothering on National and international issues and record has it that most of his predictions came to pass. It would be recalled that he predicted the re-surfacing of Ebola virus in Liberia, even after the country had been declared Ebola Free, which later came to pass. Among his prophecies are Governor Wike’s victory in court, hike in petrol price and many more. However, it has also been revealed that he predicted the coming of Niger Delta avengers foir times around last year. Checks by Sahara weekly revealed that he made the prophecy four times, and order to keep the government of the day on alert.

He first predicted it on the 3rd of May 2015, In his words, ‘Nigerians have to pray for our economy because what is coming is big, it’s an harsh economy. It’s stronger than what we’ve experienced, this one is big. We need to pray because what I saw in my revelation, we need to pray. This can bring the present government to her knee in such a way whereby I have so much to do but I don’t have what it takes to do it. What is coming is an economic battle’’

For the sake of emphasis, On the 7th of June, 2015, he also stressed more on the prophecy.
He said, ‘Don’t forget my prophecy. I said Boko haram will not be an issue but what will become an issue is the next monster that will rise up. What I mean is that the bombing will continue, a lot of things will continue but we should pray against harsh economic battle’’

Again on the 26th of July 2015, he repeated the same prophecy which should have called the government to notice; maybe it could have been averted. He said ‘’Remember my prophecy, the government of the day should not forget to run an inclusive government. The reason is because I say Boko haram will not be an issue and the next creation that is about to emerge might be worst than what we are about to have and don’t forget the prophetic statement I make and I said we need to pray that we don’t have economic battles the we won’t be able to resolve throughout’’

Furthermore, on the 25th of October 2015, he talked about it again. He said ‘ If you remember my prophetic statement that Boko haram will not be the issue now. What is about to come as a challenge to this nation will be higher than Boko haram and that is what we should pray for, that is what I’m praying for and that is what we are praying against’.

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