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Sponsored post: What do i do? My husband's penis is like a 10 - year old boy!

Post of a frustrated Young woman which i wish to share with you.
Please Read to the End
"Dear Everyone,
My name is Vivian and I have been married for a year now but I am already fed up with the marriage. I want out but
my church is against divorce.
I met my husband, Collins, in church and in fact, it was the pastor that linked us together and he forbade us from having any form of premarital sex. Before I joined the church, I had had my fair share of playing around in school and I am a very sexually active woman.
We were not allowed to be alone so as to avoid any temptation and therefore, we got married barely six months after we began courting.
On the night of our wedding, when I expected to consummate our marriage, my husband pleaded tiredness due to the wedding and the reception.
Little did I know that he was hiding something from me until the third night that I practically forced him to have sex with me.
That was when I discovered that Ugo has the penis the size of a what a 10-year-old boy would have, that is when it is fully erect.
I was highly disappointed but I tried to cover it and get myself tuned to it but apart from having such a tiny manhood, Ugo could not last up to a minute.
And it has been the same all through and I am getting so frustrated by this. I cannot tell anyone, not even our pastor so as not to shame him.
He has given me the permission to have a sex partner outside but I can't do that while married to him.
I think the best thing to do is to divorce with but anytime I bring that up, he would cry and beg me not to leave him.
But for how long would I continue to stay in such a marriage?

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