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Nigeria In Buhari's Hands, Foluke Daramola's Husband, Kayode Salako Bares All...

Actress Foluke Daramola-Salako's husband, Kayode Salako has again viewed his point on his state of the nation as the country's economy has refuses to improve. Salako who is also the President Of Fasholamania Independent Support Movement worldwide, located in Lagos, Nigeria and the CEO'S of Beverlybond investment Limited, Bosworth College International, Keroplus Limited,Rebecca Properties and Ideas Bank Creations said, " Nigeria was like a badly abused woman previously in the hand of an irresponsible and shameless husband (thug), but fortunately in the hand of another man, who is now trying to rehabilitate her for better martial arts experience. There is no way that irresponsible man can ever see anything good in the new man, working so hard to give that woman life again...Buhari is simply working so hard to give Nigeria life again and there is no way those who did not see anything wrong in the way PDP had abused Nigeria in the past 16 wasted years can ever see anything good in the way Buhari is working to rebuild Nigeria right now...Anybody who does not see anything wrong in Jonathan administration's prodigality and irresponsibility cannot appreciate the outstanding ability of Buhari to manage Nigeria for the benefits of all of us all.

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