This enraged Fidelity Bank customer sent in this piece to www.omonaijablog.blogspot.com.ng on how she was dubiously short-changed by a teller in the bank to the tune of N17, 000 and was equally sad how the bank handled the case...

Here is her unedited story.
Good morning.
I am naturally not a trouble maker or attention seeker. But when people think they can play on my intelligence and cheat me, I won't stop till justice is served.
Yesterday, I went to Fidelity Bank Trans Amadi branch in Port Harcourt. I withdrew 275,000 from my account. The teller who attended to me wanted to pay me in 500 Naira denomination. She packed 5 packets, and told me she was going to strap the money. She strapped the money and put it in the envelope, plus 50 pieces.
I assumed the money was complete and left in a hurry because I wanted to go and deposit the money in a diamond bank account.
When I got to diamond bank, the teller counted the money in my presence. One of the packets among the strapped bundle contained 66 pieces of 500 Naira denomination instead of 100 pieces.
I drove back to Trans Amadi branch to complain. The teller confirmed herself that she picked the money from the bulk room and had not counted it, and she just strapped it up. She said the mistake might be from there. She told me to hold on.
Minutes later, the Manager came to see me. He told me to go back to Diamond bank and request to be shown their CCTV clippings of the transactions because he is sure the mistake is not from his branch. He said their accounts for the day was balanced and no excesses. He also said there was nothing he can do about it because it is my fault for not counting the money before leaving, and I am liable for the 34 pieces missing.
The manager said "should I give you back the money out of my own pocket? Do you think the bank keeps a special account filled with money where people that have complains like yours will be refunded?"
I feel cheated. Why will I be liable for a mistake that is clearly from the bank? This is not the first time I withdraw from my account and I rarely count to confirm because most withdrawals are huge amount. I have never had this issue of short payment before.
What hurts me more is that the Manager is not sympathetic to my plight. He was talking down at me! Why can't he show me clippings from his OWN CCTv to clear doubts? What makes him so confident that its Diamond bank's teller who "picked" the money?
I am not satisfied with this. I want my money back and an apology from the manger.
I have sent emails to the head office since yesterday info@fidelitybankplc.com and they have refused to reply me. Their customer care line is switched off. I sent DM to their Instagram page, they ignored me.
Pls help me share and repost till they finally pay attention.
Monisola Tairu-Akeredolu,
Portharcourt, Rivers State.

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