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What Do I Do To This Souncity Staff Who Duped Me 100k? Actor Shan George Asked

  Nollywood actor Shan George is sad and fuming simply because an alleged Soundcity staff, Andrew Ameh Ujah who was said to have received 100 thousand naira (N100,000) from her but refused to play the music video the money was meant for and also held on to her money for almost two years now.
The incident happened in 2014 and then the actor called him out, she posted it then and she has decided to post it again on her Instagram page and asked her followers their opinion on what she should do to the alleged scammer, because apparently she is yet to get her money back. It was reported back then that the guy is not a Soundcity staff but only scammed her but she disagrees.

she  shared an evidence of payment and wrote on Instagram:
"This person Andrew Ameh Ujah alias DRO who works wit Soundcity insisted i pay him 100k before he plays a music video i was promoting. this is evidence of dat payment. he has not played dat video even once since then. wen i asked him wots up. he said my video SUMMER ROSE by JAGA. directed by MATTMAX is a rubbish video dats why he didnt play it. a video he saw and approved before asking me to pay d 100k. yet he didnt refund my money. my pple abeg wots ur take on this?"
Here is the Guaranty Trust Bank teller she got from her deposit into Ujah's account then;

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