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"They killed my son" Olamide's dad cries

"They killed my son" - Olamide's dad cries

Parents of Nollywood kid actor, Olamide David,  who die early last month has revealed that the boy had spiritual attack from all indications and that his genotype was never a sickle cell carrier as some people thought. They spoke to yesterday at a remembrance event for the boy.
Read on;

Some people said your late son Olamide must have been a sickle cell carrier to have died in such circumstances while some said it could be spiritual. What is the truth about all this?
Olamide is not an SS carrier. I'm AA and so is his mother in fact, all my children has AA genotype. From all spiritual messages we received after his death, they were all saying it's spiritual. It's spiritual because all things took place within just 24 hours. He came back from school in the evening around 5pm and was playing when the event happened. He was transferred to a private hospital and he died around 2pm the following day which was not even up to 24 hours.
So from all indications from all angles, we were told that it was spiritual.

 Did he give any premonition that he was going to die?
No. He was very healthy, he went to school that day besides someone who is not ok won't go and play football after school. He wasn't sick at all. Always lively. 
We called him our Prince charming during his lifetime and now that he's no more. Olamide is another being, he left a great vacuum in our family and in the industry (entertainment industry) as well.
I've never recorded a situation whereby he fought once in his lifetime.
Though we are celebrating his life today but in my heart I'm not a happy man. I'm still mourning him deeply in my heart! I'm sad because he was a child we know will surely go places but, who are we to query God.
How have you been coping without your Prince charming? 
I usually console myself with his quotation. He would say, "if you can't fly, run; if yo can't run, walk; if you can't walk, craw; by all means keep on moving. So, anytime I remembered that about him, it consoles me and keep moving.
How would you describe him?

He is a child that all mothers would wish to have. He was a wonderful boy. 
Are you in support of what Foluke Daramola-Salako is doing for your boy today?
I'm grateful to Foluke Daramola-Salako and her husband, they have been there for us since that day because emotionally we were down but we don't want to show it because of our believe in God.
She has lifted our spirit a bit and we are very grateful to her. She is indeed a mother.

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