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Betrayal! Mr CommonSense And Advocate Of BuyNaijatoGrowTheNaira, Ben Murray-Bruce prints His CommonSense Booksin US

‎Vocal politician, Ben Murray-Bruce may just be the perfect example of popular saying ‘practice what you preach.’
Yesterday, Nigerians proved they were watching the politician closely when someone went on Twitter to ‘expose’ the Silverbird CEO for doing the exact opposite of what he has been advocating for weeks now: #BuyNaijatoGrowTheNaira.
At his 60th birthday party, which took place recently in Abuja, Mr. Bruce launched his A CommonSense Revolution book and shared free copies to guests in attendance. One would naturally think the ‘common sense’ speaker would have published his book in Nigeria but it appears the Senator has more faith in the American printing press.
The observant Nigerians shared book on Twitter saying : So, #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira advocate made his book in the USA. Haba! Immediately Nigerians reacted and they took heavy shots at Mr.bruce calling him a ‘hypocrite’ and a ‘noise maker’. One person even went as far as calling him a ‘first class fool.’

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